Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy 63rd Independence day.................

wishing all my dear Indian friends a very very happy independence day and may your future be golden and prosperous.


I would like to call the coming decades an era of hope for- hope is free, free from all bias , free from all restriction and captivation , free from bounds, free from partiality and most importantly free for all human beings...
I hope for a better India , an India of knowledge , an India of wisdom ,as India defined by its bright youth , its vibrant thoughts , its great vision , its insatiable appetite for betterment and an India of INNOVATION.

In today's time the "place to stand " is set , the lever is accessible what is left is the realization that yes I , You and We as a whole can MOVE THE WORLD. What is left is to widen your vision , look beyond the obvious , look in the eyes of the future , look for the plethora of possibilities and opportunities and say in confidence SAY I CAN.
If you still search for what could be done then look around you ,look at each and every small thing which might seem lame at first glance but a deep reflection will result in the admission that each and everyone of these small things have enormous potential and possibilities for innovation are abound. Things which seem obvious to us are not that obvious and each one hides so much more in itself which we seldom realize.What we need to do is just to set our imagination free and have the determination to pursue our conviction , look around , explore things & it will surprise you that there is so much that you can do to bring about some change in peoples' life .Push yourself that extra inch and have the courage to think different , to think innovative and ultimately to change the world.
Having said that one caveat , do not disrespect what is yours , learn to have deference to what belongs to you , its not just that west can do good things but we can also do miracles , respect your Indian-ness be proud of what you are , if you don't respect what you are no one will .

We Indians have always ruled the destiny from the start of the time ...last 2 centuries had been just a learning or preparation phase for what has to come next..we have always stunned the world with our incredible creativity , impeccable determination and extremely candid honesty and politeness.

so come lets change the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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