Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Best Chat Widget for websites or blogs.

Autopilot is a revolutionary technology and this has completely changed the face of aviation industry both civil and military alike.  Having a live chat widget on your website or blog is like having an Autopilot with much more benefits.

You can let your visitors discuss contents of your blog or website, let them find like-minded people to possibly form long lasting relations. I personally, am delighted, when I find such a service on a website or a blog, it helps me meet strangers  who are so much like me that they feel like my extension. I can keep chatting with these strangers as I go about reading or browsing the website. I would love to see a day when almost all the websites have such a widget.

 For websites or blogs owners too, such a tool is a boon. It lets your users drive interaction on your website (Autopilot?), users can answer some one-off queries of other users, new users can be helped by the existing users and help in discovery of content on the website. Also the tone of discussions gives a site owner a very good insights on the likings of her user base and help guide site improvements and features.

Confaber: A live chat widget for my blog.

I have started using this tool Confaber, which is free of cost and provides a pretty extensive set of capabilities. I love the way it seamlessly allows people to send private messages to each other (which it calls 1-O-1 chats)  in addition to the normal blog wide chat. I was delighted to see that it allows me to draw pictures right from the chat box and add it to the discussion (sadly this feature is not present in 1-O-1 chats). I hope my users will also like this.


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