Monday, September 23, 2013

Thank you!

When the gruesome day at work refuses to wane 
When the clouds are dark but still it never rains 
When the muscles cramp and the mind is drained  
It is then that the soothing voice of that friend 
makes yet another cruel day worth the pain. 

It is that voice on the phone, 
the silly jokes and the stupid yawn,
the office gossip and the manager bashing,
the wild trips to the mountain tops,
the dances and the romances, 
and all the other crap that never sucks,
makes the overpriced postpaid plan worth the bucks

The endless crushes and the aerobics guy,
the constant proposals from some desperate souls,
and the adamant grandpa on a marriage mission,
to the cuteness of your friend's roommate 
the meaningless discussions which go on pretty late,

Times change and changes the location,
people change and changes the relation,
sometimes it is  wonderful day,
sometimes it is a mornful day
and at others life is in a million shades of gray
But you my friend is the one who is always there,
to support, to care, to advice and to bring a smile wide with joy.

I thank you for being there when I needed you the most
thank you for doing all you have for me
in this labyrinth thank you for keeping me sane 
It is you that  makes yet another cruel day worth the pain. 

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