Monday, September 23, 2013

Why the hope still lingers on ????

I met an angel years ago,
twinkling eyes and smile so fresh,
chirpy and always so fun,
I could look at her face for ages at a go

She felt like the love of my life,
the relief from the sorrows and the pain,
she was like the sunlit dawn after
years of dusk smeared in the sinister rain,

We went places together,
had a lot of fun, explored the city
which now felt like a heaven,
Days flew in wait for her,
Nights vanished in the dreams of her.

We looked the best together,
as if made just for each other,
we loved the similar things,
as if destined to remain such forever

Happy was I, in the thoughts of her,
Ecstatic was I, in the company of her,
Life was fun, and nothing bothered,
With her around , nothing else mattered.

And then came the dreadful day,
when she from me, drifted away,
Shocked was I , unable to comprehend,
Scared was I, the pain never so severe.

The world came crashing down,
I knew nothing, what else to do,
I felt nothing, who else to go,
Shattered was I, didn't know what to do.

I could do anything to get her back,
if one tells me what shall that be,
She says you are the best and deserve much better,
if only I could ask, if I am the best why settle for any lesser,
She says time will heal every wound,
if only I could tell her how this feels.

I don't meet her anymore,
we don't talk much now,
people tell me to just move on,
She is not the one meant to be,
it seems she is long gone,
Why then the hope still lingers on ????

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